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Telling your 
story through
the art of 
creative styling 

Welcome to the world of Rashi Styles; a world where creativity meets passion intertwined with style and art; Rashi Styles is all about bringing your vision to life. 

I am a fashion consultant, wardrobe stylist and personal shopper but my work goes beyond these titles. I'm here to empower you and help you weave your unique story through the art of fashion.


I genuinely want to see you or your project empowered, exuding an air of refined elegance and approachability. Whether it's refining your personal style, meticulously planning wardrobes for special events, revamping your closet, or embarking on ambitious commercial projects and music videos.It's time to see how style can empower.



Hi, my name is Rashi Bindra,
also known as Rashi Styles.

I've always had an unwavering passion for creative styling and storytelling.  My diverse background and experiences stem from being born in India, growing up in Dubai, spending formative years in Montreal, and ultimately taking a leap of faith to settle in Toronto. Despite not knowing anyone or the area, I bravely built my brand from scratch and have proudly established myself as a prominent figure in the Toronto fashion scene. I've garnered recognition both in the South Asian and mainstream markets as a creative stylist and planner.

Over the years, I've explored various fashion-related endeavours, working in events, styling shows and segments, and even co-hosting a fashion podcast for a remarkable two-year journey.


When you choose to work with me, you're not just another client; you gain a friend who isn't afraid to be frank and honest, yet always ensures you feel comfortable. I'm here to weave your unique story—whether it's through your personal style, your fashion brand or company, your films and shorts, or your overall lifestyle.


My passion lies in bringing the art of styling to individuals, empowering their stories through the medium of fashion.



My role is to help you elevate your vision of yourself. I want to see you see yourself as your absolute best, and most importantly I want you to feel that.


Something for everyone. We offer styling services for events, films, commercials & personal. If none of these categories perfectly align we'll create a custom package for you. 
creative styling, personal stylist, fashion stylist, south asian stylist
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creative stylist, fashion stylist, personal stylist


I have been with Rashi since her start in the industry. She has been relentless at her quest to be the very best at her craft, demanding nothing short of perfection, both of herself and those she chooses to work with. This decision is reflected in the high quality of work that she delivers each and every time. Working with Rashi Bindra means working with the very best.
Arturo Las Pinas Jr., Freelance Beauty & Fashion Photographer
As seen in Vogue Magazine



Marty Award Winner

Fashion 2019


Notable awards Nominee



Notable awards Nominee


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